Dude unleashes punches on group of girls after being pushed to the limit

Written by Wamiq Ali

They say it’s not good to hit back a girl because it’s against the gentlemen code of living. However, sometimes girls demand equal rights as compared to men. Equal rights also demand the girl to be treated equally in every aspect. Now, this group of girls were constantly mistreating the guy even before the recording of video. Ultimately the guy gave up after one of the girls kicked him and he started to slap the girls with loose arms. Definitely, that would have hit them quite hard.

According to the original Facebook post which got deleted due to some reasons, the girls were bullying the guy since long. This happened in March 2017 and the video was uploaded on Facebook in the same month. The video got deleted in the same month. The liberals might have reported the video which led to its removal.

However, the version which we’re uploading has some commentary of Mancuer, a Spanish blogger. The video description is in Spanish also, but don’t worry you’ll get the complete details once you play the video. I couldn’t find any other version of the video on the internet and let’s hope that this doesn’t get removed.

Personally, I think that women and men both should be given equal rights, but with modesty and with the knowledge that there are certain points where men and women can’t be counted as equal. I mean, scientifically there are differences in both gender so emotionally there are differences too, and one must know them in the subconscious.

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