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Dude pisses off internet for celebrating teen’s death in an out-of-nowhere Facebook comment

Written by Wamiq Ali

A teen in Texas died after getting electrocuted and Ottawa Sun, a Facebook page, shared the story of this poor girl. Coe was apparently in process of plugging in her low battery phone into the wall socket while taking a bath. This caused electricity to travel easily, receiving a severe electric shock which took her life.

The news got shared and people started giving negative comments against the dead teen. Some said that the teen couldn’t wait to come outside and that impatience caused her death. Some started to curse the teen for her stupidity. Though there was one person who totally out of nowhere pulled out something different against the teen.

The dude made the following comment which was quite weird because nowhere in the article was mentioned the political views of the deceased teen.

Dude pisses of internet with one comment

The comment started to divert the negative attention to Ottawa Sun and thus I guess they decided to delete the comment because the comment is no more there if you find the post on their public page. However, some lady tried to speak some senses into the people who had done ruthless comments against the dead.

This lady deserves a medal because with time having empathy for someone is getting reduced.

The comment made its way to the Reddit and people started criticising the dude. They thought it’s absurd to take something politically even when the article was about someone’s death.

On the contrary, a large portion of Texas votes the Democrats and I don’t understand where this comment comes from, you can enlighten me on this topic. We welcome any comments…

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