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Dude kicks ex-girlfriend in the head after she hooked up with two other guys and makes her learn a lesson

This video of a dude kicking his girlfriend on face went viral on the internet. It was shared on Facebook initially and instantly it started getting attention. The dude kicked the girl so hard that the initial judgement, which came from people, was against the man kicking the girl.

After some research, the real story came out and it was the case of cheating. The girl had cheated on the guy, the guy got captured when he had a chance of retaliation. Unfortunately, the camera forced the guy to remain in limits or else he would have hit the girl harder. A link to the whole story was found in the comments, I came to know that the girl was involved with two other guys and she was cheating on her current boyfriend.

The girl was caught cheating on the guy red handed. She was found with two men at once. The guy lost his patience and he decided to teach the girl a lesson. However, I personally think that the lesson was too harsh and he should have talked with the girl about the matter. Respecting women should be a priority!

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  • Respect for a cheating liar? Lmao so the chick doesn’t have to respect him and cheat, but he should respect her? How does that work?

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