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Dude got caught redhanded cheating on his girlfriend in public after being setup by second girl

Women are something who can’t be understood by men. They say women are always right. This video recently released on the internet where a dude got caught redhanded cheating on his girlfriend in a public space got the attention of thousands of visitors.

This dude was invited by the side girl who had set up a trap to make him commit a cheating crime. While the man’s girlfriend was informed about his whereabouts and presence with another girl. When his girlfriend reached the restaurant where the man was hanging out with another girl, the girlfriend hugged him from behind. It was quite a shocking surprise for the man and definitely, his facial expressions in the video’s end when he got caught tell the same story.

Unfortunately, as his girlfriend came in sight the other girl tried to get closer to the man’s face, pretending some intimate moments between each other. That too was done to flare up some emotions of hate and anger in the approaching girlfriend. The approaching girlfriend then threw the juice on man face as an expression of anger after hugging him from behind.

The man as an answer threw the remaining juice on the girl’s face. It was definitely a moment of enjoyment for the other girl who planned all this motion. She was later reported to be an ex of the dude involved. Now, this was a huge mistake on the man’s side to get involved with an ex again.

Poor dude’s expression as he realised the woman grabbing him is no one but his own girlfriend

The picture has something notable, a big glass of juice or smoothie. The man’s ex-girl hadn’t sipped it a single time. This was a huge red signal saying there was something horrible about to happen with the juice.

Moment before dude got face whipped with smoothie/juice glass

I wouldn’t make you wait more or read more for the video where this dude got totally surprised due to the plan which ex-girl made to unveil the cheating.

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