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Dude caught red-handed trying to break into neighbours house, who was watching the whole time!

Written by Logical Men

What would you do, if you caught someone breaking into your home. It is really a confusing situation; however, many people will simply resort to calling the police.

I remember an incident that took place in my neighborhood, a group of four adult men broke into a house. They were under the impression that no one was in the house but there was a mom with her two kids inside the home. She saw the guys were armed and decided not to do anything as the thieves went about their business. They took almost everything valuable, but the woman was so scared that she didn’t even call the 911 until the guys had left.

Luckily all of them were caught later and are now behind bars. Her decision to not put her kids in harm’s way was a calculated move.

A video of the same nature has gone viral in which a guy was trying to break into the house. He was also under the impression that the house was empty.

The owner of the house was inside and he recorded the whole scenario, he first looked through the hole to insure that he was, in fact, trying to break-in.

He opened the door really quick, which left the guy who was breaking in, in the state of the shock.

He screamed like a little girl, which was absolutely priceless. The guy’s big excuse was that he was locked out of his house and was trying to get in by opening the owner’s door.

He received a number of slaps from the home owner, and rightly so.

He will not probably do anything like it in the future. Kudos to the guy for taking the action, although, I hoped that he had called the police to get the guy arrested.

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