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Dude calls out ‘Fitness Model’ for using ‘Fake Weights’ in ‘900lb Wall Sit’

The use of social media has surely given an exposure to a common person who is now able to reach a larger audience as compared to the past. There are a lot of social media influencers who are availing various platforms to gain an audience through the internet. These influencers adopt various ways to reach their audience and often take routes which involve deceit and lying. Common sense suggests to not believe everything on the internet.

A major drawback of the information contained or disseminated through the internet is that the consumer is not present physically to evaluate the scenario. An online cloth shop can vary the colour gradients of the clothes to look more appealing or a video composer might join various clips to propagate false information, the scope of the misinformation can vary from case to case.

Fitness videos not only provide a source of motivation but sometimes can cause stress for a lot of people who are not trained to look at the bright side of the story.

The Instagram fitness industry is very much not regulated and none of the officials is evaluating the unsound effects which it has on the internet generation.

Heba Ali (Internet sources claim she’s Pakistani Born, Jordanian American Instagram Sensation)

Heba Ali, an Instagram sensation who has also appeared in Egyptian Film says that it was the turning point of her life when she decided to not care for bullies and start building her own self through bodybuilding. She’s a fitness freak and lifts heavy weights.

The most famous accomplishements of Heba Ali include the 450lbs wall sit. Above all she has recently performed a 900lbs as well.

Well, shortly after she claimed of performing a 900lbs, Kenny K.O. called the video to be made using fake weights. This is the guy who is famous for Youtuber and fitness persona.

Heba Ali responded the Kenny and she appeared to re-perform the 900lbs wall sit, but what happened next? She dropped all the weights. You can watch the video released by Kenny.

After the video, what do you think? Do you think she used some fake weights in her video posted on Instagram? Or all the weights were fake? It’s worth noting that her Instagram account was disabled after the backlash, however, it came online again but this time in private mode.

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