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Dude brutally kicks girl in her head several times after she refused to date him

Damn, no one should date a stupid dude like the one shown in the video. This is beyond humanity and a no should be taken as a no, one can’t force a rejection into an acceptance by kicking someone in the head.

Now, this video was being captured by some human, right?

Alright, this unknown person kept on recording a sadistic approach to assault the girl. This person did nothing to stop the fight. He should have done something obviously. But instead he chose to record the video, we aren’t yet sure about the gender of the person recording the video.

Karma will surely catch up these people, btw the dispute started after this girl refused to go on a date with the guy. The guy got angry over the rejection and started to kick the girl in the head. The video got uploaded to the internet and instantly went viral. People started to give a decision in the favor of the girl.

It’s no bravery to beat someone who is all alone. This dude surely needs to get a taste of his own medicine. He must be sent to the football ground in place of a football. The dudes must kick him instead of the ball. He might then get a lesson.

Well, watch the video carefully and if you know any participants in the video then let the internet know, the truth should be uncovered and justice must be served.

No explanation of this video is sufficient to describe the stupid behavior which man did with the girl, kicking in the face and then stepping over the face is worst of anything.

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