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Dua Lipa fails to smile as pal helps her change flat tyre in LA on roadside

Dua Lipa is unarguably one of the most popular singers in the current times. Different songs of Lipa have gone viral over the course of last one year. However, in a recent encounter, the actress didn’t seem to be in a good mood. Lips was forced to pull over on a road side as her car’s tyre went flat. However, a good samaritan offered her to change her flat tyre. In all the activity, Lipa not for one second gave her most famous smile.

The singer was wearing a bright orange cardigan, the 24yo looked pretty worried as she had to face a flat tyre. She stood up on the road side, as she waited for the pal to change the tyre.

The actress appeared to be pretty much stylish as she wore an orange cardigan with a black top

Surprisingly, her new crush Anwar Hadid, 20yo, was not accompanying her. TheĀ New Rules singer was travelling alone as she faced a flat tyre trouble. It appeared that possibly the flat tyre was behind her bad mood. Maybe Lipa was thinking about Anwar, as he was not around.

Anwar is well known because of his modelling sisters, Gigi and Bella. Previously, Dua had been dating British model and chef Isaac Carew for around six-year. The things between the two didn’t work out as expected and thus she decided to change her attraction for sake o Anwar.

Dua currently faces some dead competition from Bebe Rexha, The Chainsmokers and DJ Snake. It appears that she would do something to get back her charm of the past. Meanwhile, we can only suggest to put back her precious smile, because a good smile doesn’t hurt anybody. Moreover, that pal who helped Dua in such circumstances did play some role of a good man. He instantly offered his help without thinking anything, which is obviously positive.

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