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Drunk men shoot each other while taking turns wearing bulletproof vest

Written by Logical Men

It’s said that intoxication is not a good thing because it deprives a man from its free senses and the effect of the intoxication just overrides the natural sense of the concerned person. The reality gets distorted and the concerned person starts to evaluate this distorted reality and thinks the results of evaluation as real. Something of similar note happened to two Arkansas men who were arrested after the police found them taking turns in shooting. These two guys were found in the influence as they took turns of shooting while wearing bullet proof vests. They knew that the vests would assure their life. This was a strange activity and something of sort which was not viewed in years.

Two guys, 50yo Charles Ferris and 36yo Christopher Hicks were arrested on Monday. The police affidavit revealed that the two men were neighbours. They were intoxicated as were found enjoying the drinks. The two guys were enjoying their time and Ferris asked the other guy to shoot him using a .22-caliber rifle. Ferris wore the vest while the gunshot left a red mark on Ferris chest, the guy got angry because he said that the mark was hurting. Therefore, Hocks put on the vest and Ferris the unloaded a clip into his back, this caused bruises. Therefore, this tit for tat thing went by and the two guys under the influence ignored what they were getting involved into. The police made arrests and this story broke in the media. It went viral because people were not expecting that someone would do something so foolish.

Media went ahead and decided to look into the court records. They were interested in finding out the attorney who represented the two men. However, they found that no attorney was listed in the court records. It’s unclear if the men were represented by someone or if they presented and pleaded their case on their own. There were people who commented that the vests of one of the persons should have been failed, so that they may have realised the consequence of their actions.

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