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Drunk man takes taxi to his parents house, falls asleep to find his parents don’t live there anymore

Life becomes different when one is intoxicated. The reality is blurred and the person prefers to live in the dreams. Someone having a good inner self can get intoxicated to any extent as his reality wouldn’t change but its opposite for those hiding many things inside. The intoxication can lead to a person revealing his true self.

This man was on top of his dreams. He was pretty much high after the consumption. His muscle memory contributed to his journey towards his old home where his mom and dad lived once. Thomas Airlie became an internet sensation of forgetfulness under the influence. He ordered a taxi towards his parent’s house to fall asleep. When he woke up he realised that the house no more belonged to his parents.

Thomas entered the residence, took his shoes off and laid down on the couch. Everything was perfect including the peaceful sleep. Except one thing was out of order, his parents didn’t live in this house anymore. The parents had moved from Glasglow, Scotland.

Look at the face of the man. It feels like a baby is sleeping after leaving apart all the worries of the world. The peace on his face is just terrific. Now one can think that who actually lived in that house. Elaine McDade who is a dance teacher lives in this house. She is a mother of two and on waking up Thomas proved to be quite polite. However, imagine the situation when a 26yo is found sleeping in one’s house, it’s kind of scary and against the security.

The woman woke the uncalled stranger and asked him if he used to live in her house. The answer was obvious but the situation was funny. In the end everyone was safe and a viral story emerged on the internet.

This is a hilarious incident and it reveals the extent to which intoxication can take a person under influence. The guy didn’t release that he was headed towards his parents’ old house. He even told the exact address to the taxi driver.

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