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Drunk Jon Snow blasts bouncers & punches pool table, gets kicked out of bar

Written by Wamiq Ali

Jon Snow! Looks like he couldn’t get a permanent hold of Khaleesi and out of anger he preferred to get drunk and hit on a pool table. Well, the popular show Game of Thrones’ star, Kit Harington was spotted in a bar trying to blast the bouncers while acting weirdly, probably under the influence of the alcohol.

The actor as we all know plays the role of Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, a show aired on HBO which has gained immense popularity among the fans, was spotted at Barfly in NYC. The real problem during the brawl was that Kit wasn’t in his senses.

Kit wasn’t in his right mind and that’s why he started banging on the table, grabbing the pool cues and getting in peoples’ faces, reported TMZ.

According to the statement of an eye-witness, Kit was asked politely to leave and he actually left but some time later he got back and finally was forced to be removed. He was literally dragged out of the bar.

Picture Credits: TMZ

The “Game of Thrones” star was into a different kind of mood this Friday and after watching this video below, you might think the same.

Being a fan what do you think of the incident? Last time, Game of Thrones’ star was spotted with his co-star and this is the second update regarding him. He is the leading character for the upcoming season of the popular drama series, Game of Thrones. Now, whether this news translates into more popularity or not the time will surely tell us all.

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