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Drunk guy with his girl goes racist at Taco Bell, says the ‘N’ word & gets punched during the brawl

Written by Wamiq Ali

A drunk guy with his girl goes racist at Taco Bell and gets into a brawl. The guy vociferously objected the workers of Taco Bell who merely tried to keep him away. He even called the N’word multiple times. After some time the camaraderie of client-worker relationship ended and they got into a massive brawl where the drunk guy received a few blows across the street.

The argument started when a drunk guy refused to leave the Taco Bell property. He kept on calling workers of Taco Bell by names and even refused to apologize. Acted like a real douchebag and made derogatory comments. The girl with her tried to keep him off making stupid abusive arguments but her resolution of peace scuttled badly. 

Another guy was filming the video and on record, he caught the drunk guy saying workers things like calling them by names, calling them rotten pizza and other bad stuff like N’word.  The workers in the video can be seen repeatedly requesting the couple to leave the property. “Mam, will you please follow your brother, boyfriend or whatever?” said a Taco Bell worker.

The drunk guy asked the man with camera, “Why are you hanging out with effing n****** man?” which made him angry. He replied, “Say that one more time in my face!” which made the drunk guy terrified. 

Sometime later as the brawl became more intense, the Taco Bell workers followed the drunk man and taught him a lesson. The drunk man gets laid on the road after repeated warnings and requests to leave Taco Bell in peace.

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