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Drugged out lady harasses store employee and gets arrested

Written by Wamiq Ali

People do drugs and then they forget about themselves, their reality and every other thing. The only thing they remember is the reality betraying drug. Once the drug effect vanishes, drug addicts start behaving in a different way, they start to feel both mental and physical pain. Drugs kill people slowly and accepting the reality is a more brave act rather than denying it through the drugs.

A video got released on the internet which in quite lesser time reached the viral charts. A drugged out lady can be seen in the video who is harassing a store employee. During the video, she keeps on shouting, ‘maaaaaaaaaaaaan’,  and then after being stopped by the employee to enter further into the store, she starts throwing away things placed in the shelves.

This woman featured in the video, whose identity is not yet confirmed, entered into a store. She tried getting some regular cigarettes. The store employee told her that they didn’t have any regular cigarettes. The woman then started walking in the direction of the employee, he requested the woman to stop.

Store employee tries to stop the drugged out woman

He asked the woman to walk out of the store door with all the respect. Instead, she started shouting, ‘maaaaaaaaaaan’.

A Long session of continuous shouting, she kept on saying ‘maaaaaaaaan’

She kept on asking about the cashier guy and told the first employee who tried to stop her that the guy is around. The store employee asked her if she had any mental issues and her reply was positive saying, ‘I might have mental issues’. Soon cashier appeared in the video and she started to harras the guy and said some foul words. Then she started picking up items off the shelves to throw at the cashier.

Moments before she started throwing things at cashier

Both store employee and cashier asked the woman to leave the story but she was insistent on not leaving the place. She even said that she had no parents. The store employee got frustrated and told her, “if you walk out of the store right now I’ll give you a cigarette if that’s what it takes”. Then she started to use the N word. She started to shout randomly and the store employee had to call the police. Then she started shouting again saying, ‘Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, listen’. At that moment the cops came and arrested the lady.

Lady on Drugs gets arrested

You can watch the video below, where the drugged lady can be found misbehaving with the store employee:

We are embedding the video from a youtube channel and if the link gets down, make sure you let us know in the comments.

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