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This ‘Drone Killer Rifle’ shoots drones out of the sky without firing a single bullet

Imagine using a rifle which shoots a drone out of the sky without using a single bullet. Well, yes this rifle actually brings a drone down without firing any projectile. It does the job without any explosion or gun powder. This device can drop a drone or can force it to return to the operator.

This video which we’re embedding is showing a guy flying a drone in the restricted space. The drone is in the restricted area. In the video, a security personnel can be seen using a drone defender using which he drops the drone in the restricted area by making it under his control.

Law agencies had always a problem with the drones. They had been shooting down drones in the restricted areas or damaging them down but this new technology is going to change everything.

This device is a drone killer and it uses a high-frequency signal to disable drones. It uses radio pulses to disable a hostile drone in a range of 400m. The drones have a safety protocol designed. This gun makes it think that it’s out of the range. This protocol either makes it hover in the space or return to the last destination saved. The radar is fitted on a rifle to make this device even more effective.

The credits go to Battelle Innovations. The pulses actually interrupt the communication system of the drone. The rifle type design actually helps the police and other government officials to relate it to something old, which they’ve been using for years. It makes them comfortable to use this high tech radio gun.

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