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Driver tries to board moving ferry & meets a tragic fate, 5yo dies in accident

Written by Wamiq Ali

Definitely, he was in a hurry and that made him board a ferry moving away from the docking station. We don’t have many details about the incident but according to the initial reports, it happened this Saturday when a Turkish citizen tried to drive his red Dacia Sandero Stepway onto a moving ferry. The car was reportedly carrying four people which included 3 women and a child. The video was obtained from the docking yard CCTV camera. It shows the driver’s failed attempt to board the ferry when it was pulling away from the dock.

In the video, the car came to halt as soon as it jumped on the ship but then it started to drag backwards because of its weight with the boarded passengers. The hatchback slowly rolled back and fell into the sea. As it fell into the water, two women riding the car were able to exit themselves and swim to the shore into safety. The third woman which was the grandmother accompanying her little daughter had to be rescued.

The car jumped off the docking yard on the ferry!

The divers jumped into the water to rescue the passengers, they successfully escorted the grandmother and child back to the shore. The child was alive at that moment but her condition was critical. The emergency services rushed her to the hospital but as soon as they reached there the little girl died.

Authorities arrested the captain and the two ferry personal but later they were released. The identity of the driver is yet unknown and his reasons to undergo such a vicious adventure are also not clear.

Do watch the video of the incident taken from a CCTV camera. Your comments and more information in this regard are highly welcomed.

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