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Driver knocks cyclist off, attacks him with punches, police does nothing of note!

Written by Wamiq Ali

An uploader on the Youtube is currently seeking some justice after he couldn’t find the perfect response from the police. The guy thinks that the police could have done more in his assault case. Currently, he got paid with the damages but the offender has escaped the clutch of law.

This guy, named Wolf Simpson, was riding legally on the roads, (somewhere in UK), meanwhile, an oncoming overspeeding car crossed him and he barely escaped the possible accident. However, he took less notice and continued cycling on the road. This oncoming car which passed him was a black civic which was being driven rashly.

To the surprise of the cyclist, the driver of the black civic decided to come back for some reason, apparently, the driven had gotten angry. PS. After watching the entire video it becomes vaguely prominent that the car driver was offended on the cyclist for riding a bike legally on roads of UK. So, He got back and knocked off the cyclist, Wolf Simpson, using the left side of his car after causing a collision. The driver of the civic then came out and started to assault Wolf Simpson through a series of punches.

Disclaimer: Viewer decretion is required because the video is not pleasant.

After watching the video, you might be angry at the civic driver. In the end, Wolf Simpson decided to take a picture of the car’s number plate. He then called the police and told them the entire incident. The police operator got very much concerned, however, he was happy to know that due to the Simpson’s helmet things were not bad. Simpson had received minor bruises and injuries.

The Police tracked down the driver but due to the lack of enough evidence decided to only make him pay the damages. Wolf Simpson called the police for an attempt on his life and assault. Essex Police couldn’t take the video as a complete proof against the civic driver. No charges were pressed against the driver of the car.

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