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Drilling an iPhone 7 for secret “Headphone Jack” , 50k People actually did that!

iPhone 7 has been launched stirring up all the discussion. Almost every apple fan has got reasons in his mind with the actions which the company has taken to improve their flagship phone. Some are quite upset with the headphone jack being removed while others think that there is nothing remarkable in the latest release.

We really don’t care what others are thinking because in the end everyone has different point of view which can’t be made a base unless everyone gets migrated to single point. With the removal of headphone jack a video got circulated telling others the ways using which a secret headphone jack can be revealed. TechRax a quite famous youtube video uploader who does some unique stunts with things to stir up curiosity in people. He released a tutorial for those who don’t want to spend up money on wireless headphone or don’t want to use the converter cable. The tutorial was aimed to discover a headphone jack.

On the video a lot of people made comments… that how miserable their phone is now!

Response one says, that he ruined his iPhone 7


Meanwhile the other responses can go as below, which helps you be sure that something went quite wrong.

drill-iphone-1 drill-iphone-2 drill-iphone-3 drilled-iphone-4 drilled-iphone-5

The responses are just so full of tension. Hey, are you also believing that there can be a secret iPhone 7 jack which can be discovered? Decide for yourself and watch video on the next page.

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