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Drifting lover builds “Drift Highway” around his house & angers wife

People have different perspectives and these perspectives are both socially constructed or gender-based. Men are believed to have different kind of inspirations when compared to women. This one guy corroborated this as a fact when he built a drifting highway around his house against the wishes of his woman, the wife. Married men know the importance of wife and marriage; they prefer not to do anything which may be against the wife’s will.

Who in his right mind builds a highway for drifting around his house? (asked the angered wife)

Car enthusiasts often view their house as a mansion having huge garages where they may be able to store their favourite cars. Every car enthusiast has a dream to keep the most wanter car in his garage. Drifter Dream can be although different as shown by this man who built a roae for this purpose around his house. The guy named Takeshi Teruya became famous after he fulfilled his wish at the brink of his marriage relationship.

The guy is originally from Japan and he went to New Zealand in 2007. He continued his studies in this new country and participated in the drifting competitions.

I love car drifting since the day I learned to drive. It has been my passion. (said Teruya while attending a car event)

Teruya was inspired to build a track around his house after he came back from a drifting event of Leadfoot Festival. This festival takes place in Hahei. He said that it inspired him a lot and when he got back home; he decided to built a racing track around his home. 35yo mechanic told media that land in Japan is not only expensive but also hard to be acquired. Thus, he had to choose wisely. He came across a New Zealand property and based on its location he knew that it was a perfect house. Thus, he bought that for $178,000.

After purchasing the home he started to construct the track. He did majority of the labour on his own and with a meagre amount of $10,500 he was able to finish the road.

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