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“Dragon Man”: The Most Armed Man In America, Which Owns 80 Military Vehicles, 200 Machine Guns, Tanks And Grenade Launchers

A gun collector whom people call Dragon Man boasts himself as the most armed man in America. He has more than 200 machine guns, tanks and bazookas to his name. The name given to this gun collector is because of his dragon inspired bike. The flame thrower bike proved to be his identity, later.

The dragon man’s bike

The man is so obsessed with guns that his sleeping room has some amazing collection of guns hung on the walls. He sleeps there amidst guns and this actually makes him feel comfortable.

Dragon Man has his sleeping room full of guns

He has snake tattoos all over his body and his attitude doesn’t allow him to think about the society. He doesn’t care what society thinks about his collection. His gun collection costs around $8million. The dragon man has also got a reseller automatic firearm license.

Dragon Man, original name, Mr Bernstein took us to his weapons tour. With this, he took the cameraman to a room full of automatic and working weapons. The collection was quite generous.

A glimpse of his machine gun collection

He has around 3000 working weapons, in the picture he shows off his Samurai Sword collection

He has other heavy weapons like tanks

I have almost 200 of them on my name. I don’t think anyone in the US has that many guns in their name. I have weapons so big that I can’t even shoot them. – said Mr Bernstein

He owns a 260 acres home just in country side because he got fed up of busy city life. He had served in military for a year, between 1965 and 1966. After that he opened his own bike repair shop. Bernstein from the very early life started hanging out with gangs and took a lot of interest in ammunition and vehicles.

He has more than 88 vehicles in his military museum

Even has a collection of ammunition and grenades

Bernstein was hit by a tragedy when his wife died in an accident while filming for Discovery Channel Reality Show. Terry was hit by two smoke bombs which were travelling at a speed of 150mph, while the crew was trying to create smoky environment for the show to depict a war.

Mr Bernstein says that he actually lost his best friend that day.

His military museum has around $600k of annual revenue

Watch the video below to know more on Dragon Man, the most armed man in America.


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