This double barrel glock is a real bad boy – We Double Barrel G18

Written by Wamiq Ali

‘We double barrel G18’ is like holding a cannon in your hands. A Glock with a double barrel, yes that is possible. This video shows the Glock inspired Airsoft pistol. The unpacking video goes into details about this double barrel gun.

You must be familiar with the 1911 double barrel by Arsenal before hand, this gun is also of similar architecture.

Since this gun is inspired from G18 thus it is fully automatic as compared to the Arsenal 1911. The fully automatic thing has its own charm. The uploader of this video has also put a disclaimer, 

Although we are referring it as Glock it isn’t licensed yet by Glock, so these are just ‘G Series’ airsoft pistols that look like Glock pistols‘.

Since we all know that G18 is quite ruthless because it’s fully automatic, now imagine a double barrel G18 then it can be more ruthless than the predecessor. It’s literally doubled in every sense as compared to the Glock 18. The only thing which isn’t doubled in this double barrel pistol the front sight and the rare sight used to aim properly.

The switch shown in the above photo can change the mode of the pistol from full auto to the semi auto. Well, at moment the double barrel gun is in semi automatic mode.

It has one good thing that the magazine has a centred gas valve. As compared to the Arsenal double barrel pistol, which has the gas valve on one side. The centred gas valve location actually tells the consumer that it’s for both sides of the magazine. This also means that this pistol needs double the time of filling green gas as compared to the single one.

The below animated portion of the video shows the double barrel gun in full automatic action.

Make sure to watch the video, this guy gave the best review of this double barrel pistol.

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