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Donald Trump sues to block Congress subpoena for getting his financial records

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The President of the United States of America is well known for being powerful. Trump after assuming his office in the White House as president has played several personal moves. He has asserted that all those moves were made in order to find the right interest of America. The top move which Trump made was to block the immigrants access. He stood with this particular decision and for the sake of building the wall Trump declared national emergency. He now faces a legal battle as state of California has sued the president for going ahead with an unconstitutional move.

Amidst all this, Trump was also facing Mueller probe. A few days back, redacted version of this probe was also released. There are several developments after this redacted version was made public. Above everything, certain ranks in Congress want the impeachment of Trump after finding proof that Trump in a way tried to botch up the process of Mueller probe. Donald Trump in his recent move has tried to block the Congress from obtaining his financial details. This is probably the first time when president is going against the Democrats in Congress using the courts. The news has stirred different kinds of emotions in his followers, as they understand that Trump isn’t among the losing horses.

This legal battle aims to block a subpoena issued by Democratic Chairman of the U.S. House Oversight Committee as it seeks to obtain information about the Trump’s personal and business finances. It was likely for Trump to block this move because he doesn’t want to make such details public. It appears that the Democrats have launched an ‘allout political war’ in order to thwart the efforts of Trump. Congress is worried regarding the assets of Trump. It was being alleged from the very begining of his presidency that he had accumulated wealth beyond the amount which he declared on papers. The same reason, had expedited the Russian probe against Trump as critics had warned the president inclusion in Russian business for sake of earning profits.

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