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Donald Trump signs some bibles during Tornado’s damage survey and it raises concerns

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Being the president of America, Donald Trump has to remain concerned about his country and for that reason he is often found making certain executive actions which he deems necessary for the good of his people. Not every time his decisions are met with a welcoming response. Recently Donald Trump visited Alabama to offer some words of comfort to the survivors of the tornado. Little did he know that her certain action of signing the bibles while surveying the damages which tornado caused to the survivors would bring on much attention. Donald Trump made some of his presidential signatures on the bibles of the church which provided shelter to the survivors of the tornado for sake of giving the emergency aid.

Trump used a helicopter to travel through Alabama as he took an aerial tour in order to judge the intensity of the damages. The first day of the visit was used to examine the areas while during the second day he visited the baptist church to meet the survivors. He met the relatives of the 23 storm victims, volunteers and the emergency workers. Trump said during his address that he wanted to get to the place quickly enough but the governor had forbade him. She (the governor) asked more time from Trump before his visit, a wish which Trump respected. One of the volunteers as reported by nytimes said that the president visit was holy in nature because it would help small communities get together.

The situation is bad. And there are going to be people who will say, ‘Why did he come to my town.’ I don’t know why. I don’t why the hurricane happened. But there is a reason. (said Miss Ingram, a volunteer worker)

Trump signed bibles which raised some eyebrows

As the news of Trump signing some bibles broke out, the social media didn’t take it much positively. A few of the social media users called it an unnecessary step which was meant to woe his followers. This move was to appear appealing to his evangelical followers. The pastor of First Baptist Dallas said that this was quite appropriate for the president to sign the Bible.

There were other mix opinions regarding the Trump’s bible signing. What do you think? Do you believe that this was an appropriate action?

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