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Donald and Melania told teen son Barron Trump not to vape

First Kid has been given an honest advice, something which most of the parents would also want to put in the ears of their children, “Don’t Vape”. The message takes even a stronger form as the US President and her wife endorse the same thing for their own teenage son, Barron Trump.

President Trump while giving an interview to New York Post said that he along with Melania have forbade their teen son a bad habit of vaping. The couple warned their son not to vape, because it’s dangerous to health. Trump made the statement while he was interviewed by a journalist as he was planning to depart to Baltimore on Thursday evening. The president was pretty much clear and vocal regarding his message.

Trump’s statement comes amidst the decision of the American government to ban the flavoured vaping products keeping in view the harmful effects which emerged recently in the shape of teens getting sick because of some lungs predicament. The companies have been accused of falsely labelling a product safe when in reality it wasn’t safe for the growing teenagers.

At national level, six people so far have been diagnosed with lungs predicaments and strange disease because they were extensively involved in a vaping culture. After the ban imposed by FDA, the companies would need to get a prior approval before entering the market. The approval procedure can take around a year.

Many parents were already skeptical of this new vaping culture of 21st century, as they were not confident about it being healthful. Many experts were against this particular habit which quickly took root into the young adults teenage culture and it equally affected all the countries which had a mediocre middle class in place. Any habit if adopted beyond certain limits where it affects other habits of healthy living, can safely be termed as an addiction. The false sense of fashion prevalent with this new teenage culture of vaping often became synonymous to addiction for some teenagers, who little knew a different between good and bad. A clear statement from the U.S. President is pretty much welcoming.

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