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‘Dog as a mayor’ selected in small Kentucky town for the fourth time after competing with cat, chicken and donkey

Rabbit Hash, a town in Kentucky has elected its fourth mayor, a dog named Brynneth Pawltro. When you visit the town, you’ll know that it still resides in time where you won’t encounter much-advanced affairs. There is a central general store where one can find anything of necessity.

Every place needs a leader which helps it organise things better. When you’ll ask about the mayor in Rabbit Hash, you’ll encounter comments, which might make you think deeper.

She’s very outgoing and her smile is the best smile in the world. There’s alway some inappropriate licking going on, and you’ll think, what these people are talking about is totally not comprehendible.

Soon you’ll understand that they are actually talking about a pitbull.

The competition for mayor selection was hard and this dog was competing with a cat, chicken, donkey and a small boy. The local residents told us that the dog made the other participants run away with a mere bark. This pooch is the fourth mayor of the city.

This all started in the 1990s as a way to raise funds and invest something good for the improvement of town. Keyser who works with Rabit Hash Historial Society told, “We charge you a dollar for your vote, You vote as often as you want.”

They think that the town is so small to have a mayor, instead, they raise funds using the campaign and use it for the town’s improvement. This time they didn’t use the fund for town’s improvement, rather they used it to repair the central general store. The store had caught fire previously and endured lots of damage. The fire was quite harsh but a local resident said, “It’s too nice to watch things rise from the ashes again”.

Brynneth is in office now and she has decisions to make. “Tennis balls or sticks? Alpo or Blue Buffalo? I don’t know, she might just go possum hunting,” said Carol Hege, who was visiting from Virginia.

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