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Dog licks front door when he wants to go out, owners change home and then things get hilarious

Owning a dog isn’t that easy, one has to stay a good friend of the pet to understand its mentality and cravings. This family trained its dog to lick the front door when it wants to go out. Some people train their dog for other signals, some even train dogs for safe signals for other acts which might ruin their home cleanliness. This dog, however, licks door and the story made to the internet.

Licking door? Front door, yeah!

So, the owners trained the dog to lick the dog whenever it wants to go out for a walk. If the dog is at the door but it isn’t licking the door panel, this means that the dog is merely chilling and doesn’t want to go out. The owners thought that the dog knows to differentiate the front door from the other ones.

Later, they changed their home and the things started to get weird.

The dog now doesn’t know about the front door, or may be it does, instead, it starts to lick any door. Call it bathroom or dining room, it just licks any door to show that it wants to go out.

The owners are worried because they kind of think that the dog is pretty smart. Since, after it licks any door then it’s taken out through one door, which leads outside. Licking the cabinets and other stuff doesn’t make any sense.

The owner says that he loves the dog.

Read the first comment and you’ll burst into laughter. Well, the dog might not be dumb but surely it’s doing hilarious stuff with time.

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