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DNA test said man was 4% black, now he wants to qualify as minority business owner

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Ralph Taylor was born in Sacramento in 1963. He was born in a caucasian family but like many other white Americans he heard the story of having a long-distant Native American ancestry. Taylor started believing himself to be multiracial. Motivated by his desires to find his lineage, he went for a DNA test which is commonly called as AncestryByDNA.

The test result came and he found that he was 90 percent European and 6 percent indigenous American as well as 4 percent sub-Saharan African.

Several experts have declared AncestryByDNA tests as least credible. However, results were enough for Taylor to get his birth certificate amended in last November. The certificate says that he is black, Native American and Caucasian.

The guy is not ignorant of the fact that he looks caucasian. However, he considers himself multicultural from inside. The guy in an interview to The Post said that, “I’m a certified black. I’m a certified black in all 50 states but the federal government doesn’t recognize me.” 

Taylor is waiting to be accepted as a minority by federal government. He was rejected from a program meant for minority business owners. Enrollment in that program ensures the companies getting advantage when competing for lucrative government contracts.

When Taylor applied to be a part of the minority program using his company, he was rejected. The reason was cited for the rejection. It was told that he lacked the visual proof of being a minority. However, the agency didn’t provide any criteria to be visually interpreted as a person of color. After an appeal the agency reversed the decision and approved the application.

After some time, he attempted to apply for the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program but he got rejected as they demanded more proof against his claims of being a minority. Taylor tried to provide every social proof of his black ancestry. However, he said that the people of color were discriminated in past hence he has no proper proof of his ancestry.

Taylor was confused, he asked himself a question, “How could he be disadvantaged minority for the purpose of a state-level program but not a federal-level one?” Thus he decided to sue. 

The guy wants to go to supreme court for getting a judicious decision on his matter.

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