Disturbing video shows hunter gets seriously gashed as charging lion gets revenge right before death

Written by Wamiq Ali

A charging lion attacked the hunter and moments before his death. Lion left a deep gash in the hunter’s arm before the other hunters took it down.

The video is rather horrible and we’ll label it as shocking, so if you aren’t good with blood colour or any other traumas then you shouldn’t watch the video. Lion hunting or animal hunting isn’t something praisable. There are animal species which are getting endangered due to the excessive hunting.

If hunting is done while keeping in mind the laws and regulation then that is fine because a lot of hunting is done under controlled conditions to get food. However, rich people hunting for sports isn’t something good.

The video released of a hunter shows a lion which attacked him prior to getting killed. The attack was so vicious that it left a deep gash in the hunter’s arm. The video got filmed with two cameras and the second video shows the more closed look of the hunter while getting attacked.

A jungle is a right of the animals and if you get somewhere and start hijacking someone’s right to live then that is not going to work. The same happened with this hunter, he got attacked by the lion because all these hunters had made it frightened.

Hunter after taking a blow from the lion

There are two videos filmed of this incident. Below is the first one:

The other video which is a bit pixelated but shows things at a better angle,

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  • If they were “hunting” Lions, not to sound crass, kinda serves him right. Aren’t Lion’s endangered? This type of so called sports hunting needs to stop!!


    I SO hope there is some kind of hell where you roast for animals you’ve killed while being alive. It’s just such a TRAVESTY to use a rifle to kill an animal. Why bother with all the fanfare and show—just trap the thing and bash its head in with a hammer.

    I’ve got to say that if I were on site with a rifle I would have taken that hunter out and maybe a few of his pals too. Fuckwads.

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