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Disturbing Video Shows Cops Smash In Unarmed Mentally Ill Man’s Head With Batons

Written by Wamiq Ali

Every story has two sides and this mentally ill man just had a bad day of his life. According to the reports, this guy unjustly got beaten up by NYPD police while he was unarmed and absolutely non-violent. The police used the batons to beat this guy. This story got covered by Free Thought Project.

The video of police beating up this man was taken by a local dweller of NewYork state who used to watch this man beg for money on daily basis. He was shocked to watch such a cruel and unjust behaviour of police with some unarmed man. He started to film a video to post it online.

Ryan Rodriguez filmed the video and the unidentified man asked the police, ‘ What did I do?’. They already had given him a baton blow to his knee cap. The officer being asked a question gave a harsh reply, ‘Get the eff down’. Then all of a sudden on of the batons hits the man in the head.

Rodriguez told media that the poor man grabbed his head and bent down in pain while receiving baton blows. He got accused of resisting the police course of action, which Rodriguez thought was quite unjust to say.

“Follow directions, stay on the ground”, police told the man who already was in delusion. One of the cops placed the poor guy in handcuffs.

After the arrest, Rodriguez approached the man, who clearly couldn’t remember what exactly had happened, he kind of forgot the whole happening. The Rodriguez knew that the man had mental issues.

Rodriguez, being shaken by his human soul, tried to help the man. He even approached him to file some legal complaint against the officers who beat him up that day. But due to the mental issues, the man wasn’t willing to take any action against the police. Rodriguez thinks that opening an investigation might help get one party the required justice.

You can watch the video below and can share your own point of view because freedom of speech is inevitable.

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