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‘Disoriented’ Mueller stumbling responses leave social media concerned

Written by Logical Men

Robert Mueller, the famous guy behind the Trump’s probe to conclude if he had colluded with Russia to seal his land sliding victory in 2016 general elections. Today, Mueller faced members of the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees regarding his investigation on the Russian meddling with the election. As everyone knows that Social Media has now a special place in the daily life of everyone. Mueller seemed to be stumbling in various replies which he gave to the committee. The social media seemed to be concerned by the way Mueller handled the situation.

Twitter is currently filled with different tweets which seem to criticise over his bad performance. Some viewers are of the opinion that Mueller was using techniques to distract the members of the committee.

One approach regarding the confused answers of Mueller was plain and simple. Democrats in a way wanted to discredit the report. They were sure since the day one that Trump might have used some illicit means to win the elections. Maybe Mueller was being extra cautious not to give his questioning session a political colour resulting into a helping hand for the democrats.

Some groups on twitter thought that Mueller had no capacity to lead such a huge investigation which was about to have an effect on the status of the President of America. This particular group of people termed Mueller as one confused old man, which is definitely a wrong kind of title being awarded to such a high level counsel which was trying to probe Trump for sake of national sovereignty and security.

There was another group which claimed that it was the smartness of the Mueller to not give away answers in a clear manner. This group quoted the answers of the Mueller and described it as a smart move which according to them showed Mueller as the one in control rather than the democrats who were trying to get the answers in order to hold Trump accountable. This group opined that it was the Republicans in the House Committee which appeared to be confused and absurd, not Mueller.

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