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Disney’s new movie “The Lion King” is winning hearts everywhere

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The lion king is an incredible movie, almost everyone has watched the movie only to become a fan of it later. The lion king is an epic movie which was released in 1994. This was basically an animated movie and it became quite popular in every age circle. This was the 5th animated movie produced-by Disney. The two guys were behind the direction of this movie namely, Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff. There were some awesome songs featured inside the movie.

The first trailer of the movie is out

It would be a cause of immense pleasure for the fans who love The Lion King. The first trailer of the movie is out and it’s a live-action remake of the movie. Things would appear to be real instead of animated.

The movie will release next summer on the eve of 25 years completion since the movie was released initially. Check out the teaser, you’d fall in love with this one as everyone else.

The fans are totally overwhelmed as one person wrote, “THIS LOOK SO REAL???! I’m not ready to see Mufasa die again as lion that looks so real damnnnn.

The director have carried out an amazing job, the graphics are crisp and perfect. Everything looks quite real. This movie is going to be a bigger hit. The women are especially praising the baby Simba which according to them looks more cute than ever.

This movie would again be a hit because the younger generation would remember this newer version quite well. The animated version would be forgotten which an older generation enjoyed. Cartoons have lost their meaning and the word animation is being redefined with the invent of modern computer and graphic technology.

Who is going to wait for this movie? Almost everyone, no?

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