Disney finally reveals ‘Genie’ in the first full trailer for ‘Aladdin’ movie

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The long awaited Aladdin movie is set to arrive in theaters very soon as its trailer has been released. Finally the genie has been shown in the trailer and people have mixed feelings regarding his outlook. It is a highly anticipated movie because of its old origins. Aladdin is the kind of character which is known to almost every kid, as mothers have used this character off and on in their stories.

The first full trailer was shown during the 2019 Grammys on the Sunday night and a lot of things were revealed in this trailer. There were many unexpected things shown in this details trailer. One thing revealed was Genie. There is a CGI version of the genie which has been played by Will Smith. This was a great news for the fans because they were previously shown that the genie was not going to have a blue outlook. This disappointed a lot of people as they thought that the genie should have been blue. This idea of a colourless genie was floated bh Entertainment Weekly which wasn’t liked by its fans. However, the genie is back in the new trailer with his iconic blue skin.

Aladdin is set to be released on 24th May, 2019. It has been directed by Guy Ritchie and the music in the movie has been introduced by Alan Menken. There are several animated movies which were made for Aladdin and the movie released in 1992 became quite popular. The movie story featured an urchin, named Aladdin who wishes to marry a princess. Later he uses a genie to fulfill his wishes and becomes a prince. The movie story might observe some changes in the recent release. The screen play of this 2019 release has been written by John August and it has been produced by Walt Disney Pictures. Aladdin is basically an Arabic folktale which has been reproduced by different directors for many times.

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