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Diner throws “BOILING SOUP” at Woman after her Long Hair brushed him by Accident

Written by Logical Men

A 57-year-old guy in Taiwanese restaurant could keep calm and threw a hot burning bowl of soup on a 33-year-old woman.

She was seriously burnt, most of the burns were 2nd degree and rest were 1st degree. Blisters appear few minutes after her getting attacked.

The man claimed that the woman’s behavior was unhygienic, which is not true if you look close enough in the video.

From the above video, it can be seen that the woman turned to her back when her hair only touched the guy. This was enough to provoke him and cause such huge amount of harm to the poor lady.

EBC News got the CCTV footage of this attack from Chiayi on March 20.

The guy’s name is Mr. Huange who was there with a female companion, who can be seen wearing red in front of him. The victim of this horrific attack was a woman named Ms. Chen.

An ambulance was called and she was rushed to the hospital.

When the bowl was poured on her, the staff immediately threw cold water on her to minimize the damage.

She has filed a lawsuit against the offender.

There was no excuse for acting out the way she did. His single action probably scared the poor lady for the life. Hopefully, she could win huge sums of money from the guy in the lawsuit. Her hair was not in his bowl, they barely touched him. If he was so phobic to her hair, there were other ways he could have avoided that. I really hope he does pay for what he did. Imagine being burned like that, even the thought of it is enough to pass down the chills to my spine.

I hope the courts don’t let the guy off easily and he pays for it to the fullest extent.

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