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Did Simpsons predict the future again? Fans spot Stephen Hawking’s subtle link to Einstein … 19 years before he died on physicist’s birthday

It’s the same cartoon comedy which has previously predicted Donald Trump’s presidency, the Ebola crisis in Africa and Bengt Holmstrom winning the Nobel prize. Fans have recently spotted an amazing subtle link in the famous series which is directly connected to the death of the Stephen Hawking. Fans believe that the show had hinted the death and its linkage with the Einstein many years from today. Hawking has died on the day when his German counterpart was born.

This eerie link was discovered when the episode from the records of 1999 got aired to tribute the Hawking death on Wednesday 14th March. The scene shows Hawking – who got diagnosed with ALS when he was 21 – performing a rap called ‘A brief history of rhyme.’ The turntables in the scene could be seen fixed to his wheelchair while Hawking was seen wearing the famous equation on his neck, E=mc^2.

This particular reference can be taken as a direct clue to the Einstein. The clue became more clear after a time of 19 years when Hawking died on the day of Einstein’s birth. 

If you recognize the Emc^2… you know it was by Einstein who was born in March 14, WHICH is also the death of prof. Hawkings… the Simpsons did it again! – the note came on Twitter

On Wednesday when Hawking left the world the eerie connection of the date which the two famous scientists shared left many people in a surprise. The coincidence became more strange when it’s found that Hawking was a big fan of the theory of time relativity.

There are other theories revolving around the Hawking death, like the date 3/14 is itself strange since it gives the clue about 3.14, the number pie, which is the bedrock of geometry. The same day was the 300th death anniversary of the Galileo Galilei.

What do you think about this coincidence?

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