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Dictionary.com roasts Kylie Jenner after she becomes the youngest self-made billionaire

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Everyone knows about dictionary.com, which is an internet based website which allows the visitors to view the meaning of the words. It works just like a dictionary but uses the modern tools like internet, etc. Kylie Jenner had become the youngest every self-made billionaire and all thanks to her wide range of Kylie cosmetics company products. Not all of her fans were happy with the news because a lot among them follow her just for sake of finding some new controversial angle. Most of her sincere fans include the girls who often thing her as a role model. Kylie has quite a huge following on the social media and she often uses those followers for promotion purpose.

Recently, dictionary.com hit back the claim of Kylie Jenner by doing what they do best, defining the meaning of the word self-made. Dictionary.com is quite a popular website for those who want to view the difficult words online for finding their meanings. Kylie Cosmetics was founded in year 2015. It’s worth noting that Kylie Jenner has broken the record of the Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg. He too had become the youngest billionaire at the age of 23 when he had founded Facebook. However, there appear to be some difference in the two stories, the model had access to the fashion icons, Kardashians which helped her launch her own brand. However, despite all this fame which her family enjoys she claims that she had made all this fortune on her own self. Therefore dictionary.com decided to use her instance for defining the self-made word. Kylie during an interview had also explained that her parents her cut her off when she was merely 15 years old. They forced her to make her own money in order to make a living.

During an interview to Paper, she claimed that she had spent every last of her savings in order to start her brand. She didn’t know if she was ever going to be successful or not. However, she took the risk and there she stood with a healthy company earning more profits. Forbes had predicted last year that Kylie would become the youngest self-made billionaire, something which earned quite a lot of backlash at that time. This is how dictionary.com responded.

Dictionary.com clarified the term by saying that the term “self-made” is used when someone doesn’t inherit their business. The young entrepreneur has a total worth of $1 billion. Some people replied to dictionary.com as they were not ready to accept the usage of this term on Kylie Jenner.

The rest of the story goes on the similar notes. Don’t you think dictionary.com roasted Kylie Jenner?

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