Devoted father books 6 flights in 3 days to stay with her flight attendant daughter

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Christmas has passed and almost everyone has had a good time on this event. There might be a few people who wouldn’t be privileged enough to get the right mixture of happiness for Christmas but still a large number of people would have enjoyed it. Especially the kids, they are quite excited because of the gifts which they receive from Santa. Apparently Trump also made into the news because of the Christmas event, he telephoned a seven year old girl. Thus, Christmas is an event for which everyone wants to spend time with their family.

Father books 6 flights on Christmas event for one reason, his daughter

Christmas is not off for the most flight attendants, many people are travelling back to their homes and it’s quite a profitable season for most airlines. A devoted father didn’t allow her daughter to re-schedule her work just because he was able to spend time with her on Christmas. He joined her on Christmas at 30k feet. 

Mr. Hal Vaughan took six flights in six days in order to not miss any second being with his daughter. He spent his Christmas with his daughter Pierce, a Delta Air Lines flight attendant. He was interviewed by Inside Edition because of his efforts to spend time with his daughter, he said:

You do your best to keep them thinking you’re the greatest dad in the world for as long as you can.

The itinerary included first flight from New Orleans to Detroit down to Fort Myers, Florida and back to Detroit. He started this journey on Dec. 23. Next day, after reaching back to Detroit he joined his daughter to Hartford, Connecticut. After spending a day after Christmas there, he flew to Atlanta and finally back to New Orleans.

The story became viral on the internet. 

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