Desperate mother wraps Christmas tree in cling-film to avoid decorating it next year

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Christmas is over and a lot of people are already missing the festivity. In winters many love to enjoy the holidays and getting back to work is kind of a nightmare for them. However, what’s past is past and that can’t be brought up again. This mother believes otherwise and she thinks that past can be taken to the future. Yes, she has wrapped her Christmas decorations so that she may be able to use them again in the next Christmas. The idea is fascinating and thrifty but a lot of people on the internet criticised the mother as they couldn’t help the notion that this was against the Christmas spirit.

She could have just used a fake plastic tree instead of wrapping the entire tree in cling-film in order to preserve the decorations. These plastic trees are handy for people who don’t have enough time to decorate their trees and enjoy the spirit of the Christmas. Such people prefer to utilize their time in meeting their relatives. This mum’s method of attempting to cop with Christmas time wastage and Christmas cleanup has gone viral. She shared the post on Facebook (she took down the post possibly) and said:

My new time saving Christmas tree invention. No more decorating/un-decorating. Wrap it and store it!

The people took notice of her activity and they stated that this wasn’t something smart. One person rebutted her efforts and wrote:

Really? Well, wrap it with Saran Wrap?

There were others who started to make fun of this mother, Renae Krivitz. They just couldn’t engulf that someone would decided to store the tree in order to avoid decorating it next year. The below is the end result of the tree:

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