Democrats call for Trump’s impeachment after Mueller report

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As reported by Reuters, top Democrats left the doors open for impeachment of Trump who got his portfolio of the President of America after winning the 2016 presidential election. Just after assuming the oval office, Trump faced several allegations of buying his way into the presidency. The top allegation which made the president worried was his probable collusion with Russia to win the election. When the Mueller probe had started, president knew that his career was over. However, he came out innocent. A couple of days ago Mueller report was published in a redacted form.

The top democrats who feel like Trump should be impeached first need to check the details of Trump’s possible obstruction in Mueller probe. The party leaders have also cautioned against this notion of impeachment. There are merely 18 months to go before the election. If they impeach Trump with a collective motion, this would help him earn some sympathy. The general public would believe that Trump was standing for the right cause while everyone was attempting to derail him, which eventually they succeeded into. The liberal leaders have demanded to start the process of Trump’s impeachment because of the redacted version of the Mueller probe. 

The senior leaders are saying if the obstruction of justice is proven then Trump would stand impeachable. This means that there is only one thing between Trump and impeachment, a proof regarding obstruction of justice. The redacted version of the Mueller report mentioned various occasions in which Trump decided to thwart the investigation against him. The report didn’t exonerate Trump of attempting to botch up the process of investigation regarding his probable collusion with Russia during the 2016 elections. 

On Monday, Democrats also called a house meeting using a conference call to decide their next course of action. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had also dispensed a letter to all the representatives to discuss the matter of president’s actions regarding the Mueller probe.e

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