December reminds of Rosa Parks, not to forget her incredible legacy ever

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Rosa parks had died around 13 years ago and it has been 63 years since she refused to give her seat in the bus to the fellow passenger. Almost everyone is well aware of the movement which was followed by this one move of Rosa Parks. Years later, even today, the name Rosa Parks continues to be of some meaning to the civil rights activists. She later become known as theĀ mother of the modern day civil rights movement.

She had simply refused to give up her seat in the bus around 63 years ago. This resulted in her arrest. At that time, the seating arrangement was segregated on the basis of race. Rosa Parks viewed this as a sort of discrimination. Thus, she spent many years of her life attempting to elevate the human rights. She had a kind heart, she put her high school on hold in order to help her ill grandmother, later she resumed her studies after doing same with her own mother. Rosa along with her husband used to work at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. She was quite vocal about the rights of the African Americans.

A lot of work which Rosa did mostly centered around young people. Even NAACP purpose was to give equal rights to humans, the rights they deserve. Rosa was the one who inspired the fellow members of her community to boycott the bus service. This boycott later served as a reason for an organized resistance. After a year, the segregation in buses came to an end on December 21, 1956.

December 1, the day on which Rosa was arrested is known as Rosa Parks Day. This day holds its importance because it was the day when Rosa decided to speak for herself. Once she stood for her own self, this also resonated with the demands of her fellow members of the community. The efforts of Rosa must be taught to the youth so that they also stand for themselves. Kenna who is an education program manager praised Rosa in an interview. She said that today people of colour can easily integrate in the society and this alternative narrative was a brain child of Rosa.

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