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Debunked: This man named his newborn child “Fidget Spinner” and the internet is outraged

Would you name your child over some popular trend? I guess no, but this man named his newborn child to be “Fidget Spinner”. A name quite unique in its nature and purpose.

He got a call from the hospital and rushed towards it, in order to name his child. He could have picked up any name in the world but he landed on a toy. The internet just didn’t welcome the name and started suggesting a DNA test, as they believed that the guy wasn’t the actual Dad, for ruining the kid’s name. Countries are approving new laws to not allow parents certain names like in New Zealand one can’t name his kid Panties, Martian or 4real.

However unique names have become a trend, Skweezy Jibbs, named his kid fidget spinner. 

The picture of proud moment

In a Facebook post, Jibbs wrote that he got a call from a girl in the hospital who told him that he was going to be a dad. He was like, What, really? … Then he rushed to the hospital, and he had to perform his duty of naming the kid. So, he came up with a unique crazy name, “Fidget Spinner”. He wasn’t first sure that if it was his child or someone’s else, but the girl assured him that it was his blood.

The people started making fun of the Jibbs. He replied to people with some logic. He said that Tiger Woods was named after a cat, Orlando Bloom was named after a shity city in Florida and Paris Hilton was named after the hotel her parents had met and the people ask me of logic behind a ‘Fidget Spinner’ name which is ridiculous.

Zoomed Birth Certificate

Someone pointed out that the certificate is fake because it’s all black and white, Jibbs got angry and replied that the certificate isn’t fake. Different countries have different colour schemes. Some of his kids have a blue bordered certificate while the others have a green one.

Someone even suggested that let the kid be famous and fidget spinner might be paying for the copyright claims to the kid. The company used his name, right?

The Jibbs had one way out, so he played his card and took an exit, like below:

Thanks to a nurse who stepped into the comments and solved the mystery. She wrote:

I don’t know how you think this is real! you can’t get the birth certificate from the hospital when the baby is born. You sign it and they send it to the county and you have to go pick it up from the court recording department. The birth cert in the hospital is a rough draft pretty much. It’s not real because it looks nothing like California’s birth certificate. The county/city isn’t listed below like it should be. Plus it’s printed in black ink instead of blue. But at least you’re smart enough to know it’s fake haha And it’s not Kern Medical Center anymore, it’s just Kern Medical. And the address was changed from 1830 Flower to 1700 Mt Vernon years ago… around 2009 This isn’t real. If anyone has ever had to go get a birth certificate it takes about a month or so and you have to go and pick it up. This is dated as the birth was today, so no way it could have also been picked up today. Great gag though. – Nurse Kim

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