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Deaf man shot dead by Police in Oklahoma despite neighbours kept on shouting, ‘he can’t hear’

Written by Wamiq Ali

A deaf and mute man was shot dead in Oklahoma despite the neighbours kept on shouting that the guy couldn’t hear the Police warnings. Magdiel Sanchez, 35, couldn’t hear the police warnings due to his developmental disability. He couldn’t comply with the orders of the police and thus got shot. The shot served quite deadly and he died at the scene.

Tuesday night, Magdiel Sanchez was approached by the officers. The police were investigating a hit and run case. The Sanchez could only communicate using the hand gestures. Since the Sanchez couldn’t respond to the Police command thus two of the officer released fire simultaneously. One using his gun and other with a taser. Sanchez had no criminal history and he died at the scene.

In the above picture, people can be seen approaching Sanchez home after he died in that police accident. Metro reported neighbours were shouting and telling the police not to shoot the poor man but apparently, the police couldn’t hear their warnings or they totally ignored them. Capt Bo Mathews said that the police felt threatened because the victim was holding a stick with leather loop.

Mathews said that such situations are very volatile. The officers get what you can say a tunnel vision and their eyes are locked on their target. Any unusual motion can be a trigger for officers to release fire. Neither of the officers who shot the victim had a body camera. 

Jolie Guebara, Sanchez neighbour told media that she heard 5 to 6 shots before she came outside to see what had happened to Sanchez. ‘[Sanchez] always had a stick that he would walk around with because there are a lot of stray dogs,‘ said Jolie.

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