David Bechkam gets to see his statue for the first time, didn’t know it was replaced by prank one

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Everyone knows the guy David Beckham, he rose to the heights of fame after his cherished and popular football career. A quick Google search might reveal a lot more about this personality. He currently ages 43 years and still appears to be quite young and fit, all thanks to his athletic background. The guy has even appeared in movies and shows and this had made him more popularity and appeal in general public. Los Angeles Galaxy was preparing to honour this former football player as they wanted to place a statue outside the stadium. However, the team behind this placement of statues decided to do something unique with the guy, therefore they devised a plan which was to prank David. They put a replica of the original statue in order to play a prank on David.

Picture Credits: The Late Late show with James Cordan

David was unaware that he was being pranked and he never thought that cameras were in place to record his reaction. This was a fun situation which was created by The Late Late Show with James Corden. The credit of cool temper should be given to David because he remained cool during the entire prank, as he could have flipped in a matter of seconds.

Picture Credits: The Late Late show with James Cordan

To add more things to the prank, David sent a dummy man who kept on calling him Bechkam “Dave” which he hates and got the name of his team wrong. The statue had demon eyes, an unexplained long chin with longer arms. The entire prank video can be seen below, as David Beckham tries to remain cool meanwhile the show creators try their best to make him face his trigger points. Whether David lost his cool or not, that one can see in the video below.

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