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'Daughter takes mom's life for keeping her in wheelchair', says she deserves no prison

Written by Wamiq Ali

Gypsy Blanchard the woman behind the murder of her mom appeared on the Doctor Phil McGraw’s show and her story got and unveiled to the most people. Doctor Phil suggested the woman that despite being a victim herself she should own her part in the murder and must condemn herself for that act.

Nick (Godejohn) is going to have to own what he’s done, and you have to own your part. Your mother wasn’t even on his radar until you put her there. – said Dr. Phil

Just to give a little background story, this girl was tortured by her mother in a way. Then one day she planned to end her mother’s life and the murder was carried out in their Springfield home in 2015 and the girl is now serving a ten your prison.

Blanchard admitted that she made her boyfriend Nicholas Godejohn, 27yo, to travel to your home only to help her carry out the murder of her mother. Dr Phil asked the girl that how she felt about her boyfriend after the murder to which she replied that she was unable to stand him anymore as she hadn’t pulled out a gun on him to carry out and collude in the murder. The girl also revealed that her boyfriend was quite happy to carry out the heinous crime.

Blanchard said that her boyfriend could have taken a totally different route by asking the police to help her escape the abuse which she was an enduring back at her home.

Gypsy and Dee Dee Blanchard came to Springfield from Louisiana after hurricane Katrina. The mother convinced The Neighbors and doctors that her daughter suffered from a lot of ailments. The neighbours and national organisations provided a lot of fundings to the mother to help her keep up with her baby. The mother reportedly told media that her daughter was suffering from leukaemia Muscular dystrophy and seizures.

The grown up girl dressed as an impaired with her mother (who’s dead now)

The mother kept the head of her daughter shaved and forced her to use a wheelchair even when there was nothing wrong with her legs. The mother even put a feeding tube in the mouth of the girl just to prove that she was mentally incompetent to feed herself.

The girl even revealed to the media that she underwent 30 surgeries under the supervision of a mother.

Blanchard after surgeries

This slivary glands of the girl were taken out in a surgery. Dr Phil said that the girl was hacked as a lot of parts of her were taken out and her childhood was also stolen.

Regarding Godejohn the girl said, “He had other personalities that were much more violent and scary, such as the one he called the ‘Black One.’ He would just talk in this horrible and scary voice, he would talk about how he wanted to kill me and how he wanted to r*pe me.

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