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‘Dark Ages’ torture caused death of a dad-of-two after he was forced to eat his own TESTICLE, court told

Written by Wamiq Ali

A vulnerable man was tortured brutally before he was murdered. A gang of four was involved in the murder. During the torture, the victim was forced to eat his own testicle. The incident reminded investigators, the torture of dark ages.

Jimmy Prout, 43, suffered abuse and torture campaign by a gang of 4 people. The gang included 3 women and a man. The torture and abuse incidents which ‘murder jury’ heard were something directly inspired from the ‘Dark Ages’.

The gang included Zahid Zaman, 43, Myra Wood, 50, Kay Rayworth, 56, and Ann Corbett, 26, and all these people tortured the victim after a quarrel over money. Prosecutor told the jury that on one occasion Prout’s front tooth was removed using a hammer and chisel.  He was forced to have an intercourse with a dog.

Jimmy Prout, the victim!

Zaman was described as a leader to this gang of four. Zaman who uses a wheelchair had lost his legs in a car crash. The prosecutor warned the jury that the injuries caused to the victim were so horrific that they won’t be able to control the emotions. Zaman was the one who actually sliced open the scrotum of the victim and forced him to eat his own testicle. Mr Greaney told the jury at Newcastle Crown Court.

Zaman who is in a wheelchair in the picture!

He was also forced to mate with a dog before his body was taken to the wasteground. This all happened in a shared house. Victim shared the house with Wood and Corbett in Percy Main, North Tyneside.

Zaman and Rayworth shared another house and the victim was taken there for more torture. A CCTV camera footage was shown to the jury where Corbett can be seen pushing Prout into this second house which was on the same street as the first house.

Still images taken from the camera shows the presence of all four people, hours before Prout was murdered and dumped into a wasteland. The body of victim got partially eaten by the animals in the wasteland.

Myra Wood, A member of the gang in murder campaign

Corbett and Rayworth went to his decomposing body just to get his cash point card stolen.

Ann Corbett, who is one of the defendants of the murder trial.

What defendants told jury as mistreatment was actually a campaign of torture. Prout was tortured on every event after he was alleged to be involved in a robbery of 300 pounds from Zaman’s home.

Kay Rayworth, 56, is also facing trial

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