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Danielle Bregoli lashes out Iggy Azalea in her ‘Rap Video’ & calls names

Written by Wamiq Ali

Miss Bregoli doesn’t think for a second before lashing out someone in her own rap songs. This time the latest target is Iggy Azalea. The tirade went off with something like this, “Old hoe that’s been washed” – Bregoli mentions Iggy in her rap song.

B**** don’t compare me to Iggy // That old hoe is washed, And I’m lit // Wouldn’t pay her to wash my hip. – raps Danielle Bregoli

It’s worth mentioning that the same rap song catered around 1M views in less than 24 hours for Danielle Bregoli. The controversial star even posted the views update in her Instagram story and told the fans that this is how she performs. She wore her signature tank top in this new video rap song titled ‘Hi Bich.‘ The reason for using profanity of lyrics in such video is unknown but it’s believed that Danielle wants to achieve widespread audience, mostly adults.

‘Cash me ousside’ girl gets into the ranks of Bruno Mars

The girl got famous after her appearance in Dr Phil’s show. After that, she received quite a lot of backlash from the internet. People don’t like her for reasons. She has a signature phrase, “Cash me ousside, how ba da?” – this was something with which she responded to the audience during the show. The phrase, later, got translated as, “Catch me outside, how about that?

She has released numerous videos on her YouTube channel. She also admitted to performing certain crimes due to which she was kept on a probation. Definitely, her rap videos are getting a lot of attention, whether negative or positive.

Iggy is an Australian rapper who remained in the news a lot in the recent past. She later moved to the USA in order to pursue the career of her dreams. She too sings and has released some videos on her channel. Your response Iggy? We’re waiting!

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