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Dan Bilzerian footage shows him going back home to get gun during Las Vegas Shooting

Dan Bilzerian gets into the news once again after his practical stand against the Las Vegas shooting. The star was found live streaming himself while going back home and bringing back ammunition to fight against the mass shooter of Las Vegas tragedy. He was among the many celebrities who released a response to the mass shooting incident in Las Vegas. The incident was a tragedy which left a deep wound in the hearts of many. The economic state of Las Vegas is more likely to suffer after such a terrorist attack.

Dan Bilzerian recently released two videos, and in the first video, he can be seen enjoying with the Las Vegas Strip in the background. Maxim reported that Dan’s 22 million followers on the Instagram were horrified when he decided to get back to the Las Vegas mas shooting place with his weapons. He shared his moments there briefly via his Instagram story.

The fans of the star weren’t okay with his decision to go to the shooting site again while bringing his weapons. In the background of the blurred footage, the sound of rapid gunfire can be heard. “Holy f*** this girl just got shot in the f***king head,” shouted Bilzerian as he dashed for a cover. The Instagram story got recorded by someone on the Instagram and we will embed some parts of it for you.

Most people weren’t agreeing with his decision to come back to an active scene for retaliation against absurd shooting. The news made headlines on profiles of his various supporters and they were worried for his safety.

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