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Drunk Dad tasers himself in front of his young daughter and renders himself unconscious

Written by Wamiq Ali

People do different activities while they are under the influence of the alcohol. Some people become funny while the others become quite horrible. Alcohol brings out the inner of a person to the outside and he no more cares about his image against the society. He does what his heart asks his organs to perform. 

A video was recently released on the internet where a drunk dad tasers himself to the point of being unconscious while his young children stand there looking at their dad’s stupidity. The man holds a taser to his right hip and suddenly presses the electroshock button.

Man holding a taser and then pressing electroshock button

The apparently drunk dude tasers himself to the point of being unconscious. He then falls off to the floor and his kids looked at him with quite a surprise.

Man uses taser gun to render himself unconscious

He falls down on the floor straight on his face and was so affected by the taser that he can’t get a hold of the ground using his hands. He must have hit hard and his nose might have broken too!

One of the children who can be seen standing on the door was hiding her face with fear. Meanwhile, the wife who was filming the video just laughs to say, “You Fuckin’ Drunk”.

Wife’s flip-flop can be seen in the video

It’s not clear that where this happened, however, the accent in the video shows that it had happened in America. Several versions have been uploaded to the Youtube and one can be watched below:

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