Dad Launches Car Loaded with Family over Opening Drawbridge

A family from New Jersey nearly escaped a serious accident but they got saved due to a stunt they pulled. It seems like something out of a movie full of action, they escaped the death from an opening drawbridge.

Terrance Naphys and his family were going to Cape May by earlier this month when they got caught in a scary situation as they were passing the Middle Thorofare Bridge, which connects Wildwood and Cape May.

All of the sudden, the steel grate of the bridge began to open underneath them, rising very high and Naphys took a split decision to drive it over the bridge.

His wife told that he accelerated, and they had a rough landing with a massive impact. Terrance Naphys thinks that his risky maneuver was the reason his family is still alive. He told that he was thankful to be alive, he thinks that if they stayed on the bridge and went into the water, the family would not have been able to survive. Due to this they also avoided major injuries and a limited amount of damage was done to the vehicle.

After paying the toll, Naphys was heading over the drawbridge when it started to open due to an error in passing vessel ratio.

The reason for this mistake of the operator seems to be the glare of sun which made them impossible to be seen, according to reports.

Responsibility has been placed on Cape May County Bridge Commission for the potentially deadly incident, according to several media reports.

We take the safety of the traveling public very seriously and systems are in place to prevent incidents like the one that has been reported from occurring. Once the results of our investigation are complete we will take any and all necessary action to insure the continued safety of our customers,” an official statement to the media outlet stated by the bridge authorities.

Watch the detailed report on the incident.

Update: Previously, we had shared the wrong video of the incident, now we have updated the article with correct video and information.

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