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Dad, homeschools his children, taught his 6yo daughter how to fire an UZI & discuss cryptocurrency

Written by Wamiq Ali

Can you imagine about a girl who has never gone to school but can demonstrate you how to fire an arm and the world of cryptocurrency? Yes there exist this 6-year-old girl named Derrica Grace who has been homeschooled by her own father Derrick Grace II. This man is an author and mentor to young people Florida and he pulled out his son from the first grade in 2016, so this guy actually homeschools his children.

The guy has quite a different view regarding the school life and he has not only taught his little daughter firearms but has also made his son learn how to load guns and fire. When he was asked about the reality of school the following was his reply.

To me school is a daycare. It’s a place where the adults take the babies while they worry about adult life.

I’m not a huge fan of the school system state-wide, or on a national level. I think they do a whole lot to dilute the mental progression of our children. So I think it’s absolutely a necessity that we take it into our hands.” – told the Dad to The Mirror.

Since this man has started to homeschool his own children they can be interviewed to gauge a specific impact on their personalities, so now if you ask them with questions like the definition of intellectual property the reply would be something like this, “They can take your possessions but they cannot take your mind“.

If someone will go forward and ask them their reaction when someone might break into their family home the reply would be something of nature that the children would use a Glock 42 handgun to defend themselves because the recoil has a lesser strength.

Photo Courtesy: The Mirror

Derrica Grace poses with Uzi

The children usually practice with empty magazines. A video documentary has been made on the family by Barcoft Media. The children of this man are fully expert in loading magazines, extending their firearms and pulling triggers. They mostly have accompanied their father to the firing ranges in order to test the real rounds.

If somebody was trying to kill me or if somebody is trying to kill my father, or my mom, or my sisters, anybody that’s my family members, [I would] shoot them. If somebody broke into my house I’d shoot them. – said the little girl

Once asked the reason of this homeschooling and life the guy said, “It’s built on four elements: self-love, self-education, self-awareness, and self-reliance. I think those are key to live a mentally free and fruitful life.

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