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Dad faces hate after forcing his “Bully” Son to Run to School in The Rain

A parent has to think a lot before attempting to teach a lesson to the kids. The good upbringing is a priority of every parent and it holds true for every parent all around the world. If a child is raised right then he can contribute a lot to the well being of the society and ultimately his country. There might be controversial opinions about punishing children for their misdeeds. Some people think that a child must be stopped before he indulges into some bad activity so that he may not outgrow in a specific wrong manner, while, others believe that the children must be given freedom of choice and action.

I will not indulge in the same argument but instead would like to talk about this newly emerged incident. A parent is currently under fire for rebuking his “bully” kid. Bryan Thornhill received a lot of heat online after he uploaded the video of his 10yo son running to school in the rain as punishment for bullying.

The father was amused when his kid was kicked out of school bus after he bullied another fellow kid. The bullying was reportedly so intense that his father decided to punish him. Thus, every day the following week, Thornhill made his son run a mile to school whilst he followed him behind in his own truck, this was the kid’s punishment and a lesson so that he may never bully another kid in future.

just wanted to show everybody and give you a good little laugh, Teach your kids, don’t be a friend, be a parent. That’s what children need these days.

What do you think? Was this punishment just and accurate?

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