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Customer blasts lady who fakes being store manager, turns out she’s deranged felon

Written by Wamiq Ali

According to the uploader (customer), a lady in T-mobile store pretends to be a store manager while dealing with the customers. The argument broke out when the customer tried to talk to another customer who was checking on some mobile phones about the identity/character problem of the store employee who tried to fake being a store manager.

The lady (store employee in the capacity of a sales girl) who allegedly faked being store manager listened to the talk and in all her might she started arguing with the female customer (uploader of the video). The store employee confronted the lady by standing right in her face. The lady customer felt really awkward and told her to leave her ground, “You’re an agitation to my irritation and you really need to find yourself outta my face before you find yourself in an altercation with me,” said the lady customer.

The store employee though seemed to be stoned or she was busy making some strategy behind her mind. The store security guard looked clueless as well as helpless in front of the store employee (sales girl). He kept on walking during the video without doing anything effective to help the customer gain the satisfaction.

In the entire video the store employee (sales girl) kept on acting weird, it felt like she was under the influence. At some points, in the video, she got so close to the lady that it felt like she might do something.

Watch the video of the freakout:

Later, it turns out that the store employee (sales girl) was, in fact, a charged felon. She had passed her jail time as she was caught a few years back owing to the neglect which caused the death of her own baby. This kind of justifies the strange behaviour which she ensued with this lady customer.

Some people even signed a petition to have T-mobile fire the sales girl named Tiara Peoples. People are feeling disgusted over T-mobile for giving a job to a past felon. A clean chance, however, must be given to everyone to change his life. Though the current states of affair regarding Ms Peoples in this video don’t look so well, she must avoid unwanted attention at any cost. She may be under some influence while trying to deal with her problems.

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